Activated Carbon

Pond Filtration, Inc. manufactures the most technologically advanced filtering system that naturally interrupts the nitrogen cycle of a pond. The filter's primary objective is the natural elimination of algae in suspension. This is achieved through a microbiological process called "ammonium oxidation".

Advantages Using Activated Carbon Verses All Other Media

Granular activated carbon has the ability to support a denser bacterial population than sand or plastic beads. It’s porosity, surface area, and surface roughness is unsurpassed for bacterial colonization.

Absorptive capacity serves to:

  • Concentrate substances, including the substrates, nutrients and oxygen, on the surface of the carbon. This concentration effect promotes more rapid colonization of bacteria and allows degradation to occur.
  • Extend the contact time between the biological mass and absorbed organic substances.
  • Reduces the concentration of toxic compounds in local microbial environments.
Activated Carbon Has a Charged Surface

The presence of a variety of functional groups, on the carbon’s surface, has been shown to enhance microbial attachment.

  • Greater biological activity within and faster colonization on the activated carbon lead to the following benefits over conventional filtration media.
  • Greater efficiency for the removal of biodegradable compounds.
  • Shorter acclimation time. This has a major impact during start-up and after back washing.
  • Faster response to variations in water quality, such as concentration in biodegradable compounds, concentration in toxic organics, and temperature.
  • Finally, physical absorption of activated carbon provides additional benefits over conventional filtration media.
The Potential for Lifetime Coverage

Because activated carbon is replaced every 12 months, your Pond Filtration 12-month warranty is extended for another year, meaning if you schedule your replacements on time you're always covered.

Our Used Carbon Makes Great Fertilizer

Take your used carbon media and place it in your garden for a natural fertilizer.