About Us

Jim Anderson designed a prototype of the pressurized canister filter in 1988. An engineering firm drew up plans for the injection molding tools required to manufacture the needed parts for the filter. He had no intention at this time to actually have the tools made or to manufacture the parts needed; his objective was to license the filter design. Meetings were arranged with the top four Companies in the water gardening industry. It became obvious to him that these companies were not knowledgeable in the technical aspects of filtration.

In March of 1992, Pond Filtration, Inc developed and patented a technological advanced filtration system that delivers unsurpassed water clarity for water garden ponds.

PFI’s filtering systems de-nitrifies the pond water and supports biological activity. The PF-Series filters accomplish three methods of filtration, mechanical, organic, and biological. PFI developed the first pressurized, internal and external system in the marketplace.

PFI achieves a process call “Ammonium Oxygenation”, which is not easily understood or applied to any aspects of filtration, as we know it today. Pond Filtration has the ability to reduce nitrates from water. A competitive edge was obtained with reasonably priced products and trained knowledgeable personnel available to give technical assistance to their customers. The Company’s objective is to continue to improve and expand the technology in filtration, to be used in different capacities.