Troubleshoot Your Pond

Please complete the following information. It is necessary for us to have the answers to all of the following questions when consulting with you. We will be able to answer most of your questions, as well as assist you in correcting any existing problems. Think of it as an online pond diagnosis.

IMPORTANT: Technical consulting at Pond Filtration is a comprehensive and popular service; therefore, please allow at least three days to respond to your completed technical guide. After gathering the following information, and if nothing is red flagged, we then may ask you to perform these additional tasks:

  1. Flow check (how to, explained on the factor sheet)
  2. Sediment test
  3. Sketch of the pond with plumbing and hook ups
  4. Total alkalinity test
Submit Your Pond Specifications for Troubleshooting

Fields marked (*) are required.

Personal Information
  1. Preferred method of contact
Pond Information

Please fill in as much of the information below as you can so that we may better understand your problem.

  1. Is the filter before or after the pump?
  2. What is the inside diameter of the tubing you are using?
  3. Is the tubing reinforced?
  4. Is the tubing black or clear?
    • NOTE: Measure your pond accurately. Do NOT guess.
  5. What type of pond do you have?
  6. How often do you clean the filter bag media?
  7. What is the color inside of the filter bag?
  8. Is the filter bag "solid" like a brick?
  9. Is the filter discharging clear or light green water?
  10. What color is the pond water?
  11. What size fittings are you using for the filter?
  12. Is the tubing from the pump entering the top filter canister?
  13. What other types of fish do you have, if any?
  14. What percentage of plant coverage do you have, if any?
  15. Do the planter containers have 2″ layers of large, 1 1/2″–2″ rocks on top?
  16. What type of fertilizer do you use?
  17. Have you added salt to your pond?
Pond Testing

Test your pond. It is very important that the pond be tested in the morning. Write down the time with the test results. (Sometimes a pet store will test the water, and will just tell you the water is ok, however, we need the actual testing results.) Enter the results below.