Recommended Products

PS5 Mini Pump SockPS5 Mini Pump Sock

The PS5 mini pump sock is designed for all small pumps to 700 GPH.

Price: $35.00

PS10 Pump SockPS10 Pump Sock

The PS 10 pump sock is designed for sump pump-style pumps

Price: $38.00

PRE110 Pre-Pump FilterPRE110 Pre-Pump Filter

The PRE110 pre-pump filter protects pumps up to 700 GPH from large debris.

Price: $53.00

PF300 Pond FilterPF300 Pond Filter

11-in. x 8-in. tall, the PF 300 has a filtering capacity of 300 gallons. Circulation required: 100 GPH–500 GPH.

Price: $152.00

PF1000 Pond FilterPF1000 Pond Filter

1-in. x 10-in. tall, the PF1000 has a pond filtering capacity of 1,000 gallons. Circulation required: 1,000–1,200 GPH.

Price: $205.00

PF3000 Pond FilterPF3000 Pond Filter

11-in. x 18-in. tall, the PF3000 has a filtering capacity of 3,000 gallons. Circulation required: 1,200 GPH.

Price: $220.00